About us

Domonet is a Polish telecommunications provider based in Cracow city. We offer modern technological solutions for both apartment housing and private buildings.


We are a 21st century company, so our network is constructed only with fiber optic cable and using modern technologies:


We provide the professional equipment Mikrotik and realized very easy to use it. Customers with such router no need to be "advanced" users to simply change the name of the network, because the router is already pre-configured and control of such a router comes directly from self-service portal "My Domonet". Change the name of Wi-Fi and the password to it is as easy as payment. Also, these routers are supplemented with 24-hour technical support and warranty replacement.


Our unlimited tariff plans really meet the declared speeds and do not have hidden constraints. We always follow the situation on the market and use advanced technological solutions that allows us to offer our subscribers cheaper tariff plans and high quality of services. For participants in combat operations, pensioners and other privileged categories of the population we offer a tariff plan "Care". For registration, you must provide documents confirming the right to receive a fare and the registration must match the address of the service.


We care about our customers by providing attractive promotions. According to our loyalty program for customers who make a prepayment on time, we make up to 20% discount on of the subscription fee